Microtransactions: All The Rage


Microtransaction is a dirty word to most of the gaming community. Many gamers have drawn lines in the sand and grabbed their torches and pitchforks at the very mention of the word.

Why is that?

Free to play games have been on the PC for a number of years. I have and still play a number of them. This idea is very new on consoles though. Most of the exposure to microtransactions has not been positive.

When EA announced they were going to include microtransactions in Dead Space 3, many gamers were hostile toward it, and they had every right to be. Adding payment systems like that in a game you paid full retail for is terrible for everyone involved. Optional? Yes. Still bad.


What about a game given to you for free?

With games like Warframe and World of Tanks making their way to consoles this is a model that gamers will become more familiar with.

The game is given to you 100% free. You can buy in game items such as new characters, skins, weapons, and upgrades using real currency or in game currency.

Since the game was given free, you do not have that initial $60 investment. I love this model. Here’s why.

  • Games are expensive. During the semester when I am only working part time, $60 is a big investment, not to mention DLC and season passes.
  • Paying $5, 10, or 20 over time is a more affordable model. Sometimes it adds up to the same investment but does not require one large purchase.
  • Due to the low cost of entry, it is easier to convince your friends to give the game a try making gaming more social. (See League of Legends)

Whether a free to play game is worth your time to me boils down to one question. Can you unlock all of the content without paying real cash? If yes, then definitely play it.

What do you make of this? Please leave a positive/negative comment  in the box below while I leave you with this video laying out positives and negatives of this model.


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