The Great Gaming Dilemma


My current gaming rig. “An elegant weapon…for a more civilized age.”

As this generation of consoles comes to a close, now has been a time of reflection on this generation, and speculating the next to come.

The PS4 officially launches tomorrow, at midnight in many places, and the XboxOne to follow soon after.

I started the last generation as a devout Xbox fan. I was one of the unlucky people who had multiple hardware failures, but I still stood by my investment.

The 360 was a good enough machine that allowed me to abandon PC gaming for a short time.

I let my Xbox Live Subscription expire because it started to feel more like an advertising service than a gaming service.

As the 360 evolved, and I eventually bought a PS3, I started to become disillusioned with console gaming. I started to see more value in PC gaming. The new consoles just emphasize that further.

Backward compatibility is a thing of the past, something that limits value to the customer, also making all of their old library obsolete. I cannot replace the hardware to keep the software, that is a HUGE downfall.

I ended up back where I started, using my PC as my primary gaming device. Here is why:

  • Lower cost of software (Big sales are commonplace)
  • More open and diverse game library (Steam’s Greenlight program is fantastic)
  • Digital distribution models led to price competition
  • Social features and online play (for non-MMOs) at no additional cost
  • More input options for control customization (Controller or Keyboard)
  • Hardware customization

These are just a few of many. I am not here preaching of the “PC Master Race,” (that was actually meant to be an ironic point out the elitism PC gamers sometimes exhibit) but with the way the business has been progressing, the console industry gave me fewer reasons to stick around.

Graphics are better on PC, if you have the hardware, so are frame rates. Those are only superficial reasons for PC gaming. The fact is that the PC offers the largest, most diverse and cheapest game library not available on any other platform.

I will be skipping the console launches for the time being. I already have my Next-Gen system ready to go. This is the new generation of hardware, with the same tired gimmicks.

So will you be getting a new console? As always if you have a positive or negative comment leave it in the comment box below or follow me on Twitter.


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