No Battlefront On Launch Day

I will not be buying Battlefront on launch day. Not because of some superficial reason like so many others I see. It’s not cosmetic, it’s not the game play and it’s not the multi-player. No, I won’t be buying Battlefront on launch day because of Titanfall.

If you’re one of the few that has followed me on Twitter for a while, then you’ll know how big of a fan I was of that game. Easily my most anticipated game of last year. Not only did I buy it on the midnight launch, I also pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, something I rarely do.

I have zero regrets for any of that. It’s a fantastic game and was and still is just pure crazy dumb fun to play. I give a lot of credit to those over at Respawn because the game they made was near perfectly designed and executed.

Titanfall has seen a lot of updates since launch. New game modes, new maps and power-ups and I did get the season pass to go along with the game (which was not included in collector’s edition) so I could play more.

Now the problem here is after all of these, sometimes major, content updates I could not help but have this nagging feeling that this is the game that it should have been on launch day. My only gripe about Titanfall was the lack of content. We only had 15 maps on launch day with nine more added as DLC. The game modes were also expanded adding more variety and things to do.

After all the DLC and all the major updates hit the game was significantly better. Unfortunately it took several months for it to get there. On the one year launch anniversary Respawn announced that all DLC for Titanfall would be free for anyone who bought the core game.

That is where I’m left to refer to on my feelings of Battlefront. I loved the original games, and still play them occasionally thanks to a Steam release. Battlefront 2 is a fun game. The space battles were one of the most fun modes and it’s MIA on launch day.

I’m sure the DLC will add stuff like that later. I’m just left with the question why should I buy this now when I can get more content at a lower price at a later date?

I did play the Beta and it was fun. I did have a few minor gripes game play wise like making grenades and such cool-down abilities and the omission of the class system from Battlefront 2 was strange. The UI felt dated and load times were kind of long but those are all minor things not deal breakers.starwarsbattlefront 2015-10-10 02-54-13-01

The way AAA games, especially from EA and Ubisoft, are launched is that they show you cool stuff with promises of more cool stuff later. It’s not doing it for me anymore.

One year from now I will revisit this buying decision after I see the content that gets added from here on out. “We will make it awesome later,” is just not enough for me to buy it right now, I will just wait for future awesomeness.


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