Sometimes Gender Means Everything

I have a confession to make. I am not an athletic guy. I do not have big muscles, or care about sports, cars or military hardware. I am just an average guy.

Often when people play games, they wish to project themselves onto the character. Put themselves into the game. In games where you create a character this means making one to resemble you, the player. This means seeing the character on screen as an extension of you, drawing you into the experience.

But, what if it didn’t? What if putting yourself into the game was immersion breaking? Continue reading


The Point of No Returns

steamI really do love Steam. It is a great service and really did, in many ways, change the way digital distribution should work. They offer overall great customer service and have built an ever growing community around their service.

They are not perfect however. Steam unfortunately uses much of that consumer loyalty to its advantage giving their company and their founder, Gabe Newell, a free pass when it comes to not including some features that other services are beginning to offer. Continue reading

Lara Croft, Archaeologist, Explorer, Sex Symbol

lara-croft-tomb-raiderI love “Tomb Raider” and always have. With the release of the recent “Definitive Edition” I wanted to go back and talk about one of my favorite video game characters, Lara Croft. I fell in love with the series back when “Tomb Raider II” was released. I grew up with the series and I own all of the games across multiple platforms. It is one of the few games that has stuck with me over the years and always leaves me eagerly anticipating its next release. Continue reading

Video Shaming

Germany-BaN-On-Violent-Videogames-2A recent report about the Newtown School shooting has once again brought video games into the spotlight.

While investigators concluded there was no clear motive for the shooting, it is clear that video games are still a common scapegoat.

There has been a timeline of people chiming in about this issue over the past year.  Continue reading

The Great Gaming Dilemma


My current gaming rig. “An elegant weapon…for a more civilized age.”

As this generation of consoles comes to a close, now has been a time of reflection on this generation, and speculating the next to come.

The PS4 officially launches tomorrow, at midnight in many places, and the XboxOne to follow soon after.

I started the last generation as a devout Xbox fan. I was one of the unlucky people who had multiple hardware failures, but I still stood by my investment.

The 360 was a good enough machine that allowed me to abandon PC gaming for a short time.

I let my Xbox Live Subscription expire because it started to feel more like an advertising service than a gaming service.

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My Epiphany About Gender in Video Games

I know that the audience for video games is getting increasingly more diverse. It was not until recently that I really knew the extent of it. This post will be more personal than my other ones. I will admit, this is a personal bias on my part but I think it illustrates an important point.

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