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Sometimes Gender Means Everything

I have a confession to make. I am not an athletic guy. I do not have big muscles, or care about sports, cars or military hardware. I am just an average guy.

Often when people play games, they wish to project themselves onto the character. Put themselves into the game. In games where you create a character this means making one to resemble you, the player. This means seeing the character on screen as an extension of you, drawing you into the experience.

But, what if it didn’t? What if putting yourself into the game was immersion breaking? Continue reading


The Point of No Returns

steamI really do love Steam. It is a great service and really did, in many ways, change the way digital distribution should work. They offer overall great customer service and have built an ever growing community around their service.

They are not perfect however. Steam unfortunately uses much of that consumer loyalty to its advantage giving their company and their founder, Gabe Newell, a free pass when it comes to not including some features that other services are beginning to offer. Continue reading