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Law and GamerGate

Law and GG

It seemed unreal at first. An entire episode of Law & Order SVU dedicated to video games. Well, not really video games but rather the controversies surrounding them. The episode itself shares all of the trademarks of SVU complete with cheesy video game puns. The entire episode lacked nuance and was incredibly disrespectful of the problem and the people facing them. Make no mistake, these are real problems. Continue reading


GamerGate: The Reckoning

Over the past several weeks a dedicated group of individuals have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage and frustration over current trends in the video game industry and journalism.

Some say they are simply a misogynist group of harassers hell-bent on pushing those who disagree with them out of the industry. People in the movement themselves claim they are fighting against corruption in the industry. Just like every story, there is some grain of truth to both sides. Continue reading