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Gamers: The Life We Lead

My journey into gaming started when I was five-years-old when my family got our first gaming console: a Super Nintendo. My love of games has only grown ever since. My gaming habits eventually migrated to PC being exposed to Tomb Raider, Freespace, Half Life, Thief, and the Elder Scrolls series to name a few.

Through my teen years, like many others, had a rough go with school and my home life while not bad still offered little relief in terms of stress. I knew at the end of the day I had gaming to rely on. As the internet became more prevalent I was able to connect with more people who shared my passion.
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Video Shaming

Germany-BaN-On-Violent-Videogames-2A recent report about the Newtown School shooting has once again brought video games into the spotlight.

While investigators concluded there was no clear motive for the shooting, it is clear that video games are still a common scapegoat.

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