No Battlefront On Launch Day

I will not be buying Battlefront on launch day. Not because of some superficial reason like so many others I see. It’s not cosmetic, it’s not the game play and it’s not the multi-player. No, I won’t be buying Battlefront on launch day because of Titanfall. Continue reading


From Gamer to Gamer Dad

Yoshis Island - Baby Luigi-620xGamers all grow up sometime right? Gaming has been a hugely important part of my life for over two decades. I knew eventually life would catch up with me. Having a job and family and eventually moving on from my hobby to pursue a career and other ambitions. The reality is you never have to give anything up at all.  Continue reading

The Many Generations of Hoth

The Battle of Hoth is no doubt iconic in film, but in games as well. This scene has been re-created on every console generation since the Atari 2600, except this past one unless you count “Lego Star Wars,” which I am not. This is a look back in time at the Battle of Hoth through the many console generations.  Continue reading

Law and GamerGate

Law and GG

It seemed unreal at first. An entire episode of Law & Order SVU dedicated to video games. Well, not really video games but rather the controversies surrounding them. The episode itself shares all of the trademarks of SVU complete with cheesy video game puns. The entire episode lacked nuance and was incredibly disrespectful of the problem and the people facing them. Make no mistake, these are real problems. Continue reading

GamerGate: The Reckoning

Over the past several weeks a dedicated group of individuals have taken to Twitter to voice their outrage and frustration over current trends in the video game industry and journalism.

Some say they are simply a misogynist group of harassers hell-bent on pushing those who disagree with them out of the industry. People in the movement themselves claim they are fighting against corruption in the industry. Just like every story, there is some grain of truth to both sides. Continue reading

Gamers: The Life We Lead

My journey into gaming started when I was five-years-old when my family got our first gaming console: a Super Nintendo. My love of games has only grown ever since. My gaming habits eventually migrated to PC being exposed to Tomb Raider, Freespace, Half Life, Thief, and the Elder Scrolls series to name a few.

Through my teen years, like many others, had a rough go with school and my home life while not bad still offered little relief in terms of stress. I knew at the end of the day I had gaming to rely on. As the internet became more prevalent I was able to connect with more people who shared my passion.
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Custer’s Revenge Controversy: A History

This was actually a small research project that I worked on for a history class in college. At the time of taking this class, Anita Sarkeesian had announced her Kickstarter to the ire of a dedicated group of male gamers. No videos has been released at that point, but the nature of the harassment and hatred toward her had been made public. Coincidentally, the history class I was in at the time was about the history of sexuality in the US. I considered writing something game related if I could, especially because I could see this was a growing issue. I wanted to go back and research, as far as I know anyway, the first real interaction feminists had with the game industry. Spoiler alert, it was not a positive one.

This brought me to the game “Custer’s Revenge.”

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